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Privacy/Data Breach

My personal information has been leaked through a third party; how can I protect myself?

A data breach can be defined as the unlawful and unauthorized acquisition of personal information that compromises the security, confidentiality, or integrity of private personal information to an individual who is not authorized to access it.

Data breach can be a result of an accidental event or deliberate action. Methods of data breach may include insider attacks, targeted acts, phishing schemes or theft. 

The consequences of a data breach are significant. It causes reputational damage and increases the likelihood of identity theft as well as financial losses. Using strong, diversified passwords as well as shutting down accounts that you no longer use, and using a secure server are all ways to help protect yourself from losing your personal information. 

If you received a notice that your information was leaked or stolen in a data breach, be sure to monitor your accounts and contact relevant authorities. 

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