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Consumer Protection

We represent consumers who have been a victim of consumer fraud and unfair business practices like false advertising, bait and switch marketing, fake discounts, unconscionable pricing, overcharging or charging for services never provided, unlawful telemarketing, unwanted robocalls, unfair debt collection, and more. Some examples of consumer protection cases we take are:

Auto Fraud: Failing to disclose prior accident/flood damage, charging higher than the advertised price, overcharging/bogus fees, and unlawful repossessions.

Bank/Crypto Fraud: Failing to provide a response to a disputed unauthorized transaction, and failing to maintain proper security measures.

SIM Swap Scams: Hackers target cell phone providers to port or transfer the victim’s SIM information to the hacker’s cell phone. Then the hacker gains control of the victim’s cell phone and accounts, resetting passwords to financial accounts. The hacker then transfers funds out of the victim’s accounts.

Consumer Credit Problems: We provide legal advice to clients facing issues with loans, credit cards, consumer loans, medical debts, student loans, bankruptcy, credit reporting problems, and more.

Credit Repair / Debt Relief Scams: Debt relief / consolidation scams target consumers by falsely promising to negotiate with the creditors or to reduce the debts. They charge struggling consumers a large up-front fee, but fail to help them settle the debts, then refuse to refund the fees. Credit repair scams falsely claim they will “fix” or remove negative credit information from the consumer’s credit reports when they cannot. We help consumers recover their funds from these scams.

Credit Reporting Errors: Credit reports are very important for consumers. We help fix credit reporting errors including tenant reports and bring those accountable to justice.

Tenant Screening: People often get denied an apartment because of inaccurate or illegal background or credit checks. We help those who have faced these problems.

Employment Background Checks: Jobseekers are often denied a job because of inaccurate or illegal background checks. We help those who were unlawfully denied employment or lost jobs seek justice.

Debt Collection Abuse: We help clients facing unfair or abusive debt collection practices.

Illegal Consumer Contracts: Many consumer contracts contain illegal terms. We can review consumer contracts and ensure that they comply with consumer protection laws.

Illegal High Interest Loans: State laws limit how much interest or what fees can be charged. We help consumers recover unlawful interest and charges. 

Identity Theft Victims: We can help identity theft victims restore their credit and help restart their lives.

Overcharges / Bogus Fees: Consumers are often overcharged in everyday transactions. Whether it is a bank overdraft fee, credit card charge, cable bill, cell phone charge, landlord charge, or a made-up charge, these are often unlawful and improper fees. We help consumers get their hard earned money back.

Security Deposits: Landlords often fail to comply with New Jersey law about security deposits including failing to return the security deposit or charging unlawful fees after you move out. We help consumers get their money back.

Robocalls / Unwanted Texts / Abusive Telemarketing: We help consumers stop illegal telemarketing calls/texts and other unwanted robocalls. Consumers who have put their phone numbers in the National Do Not Call Registry (www.donotcall.gov) should not get telemarketing calls/texts. If you have received unwanted telemarketing calls/texts and other unwanted robocalls, tell them to stop. Call us to learn more about your rights.

In summary, we represent consumers and advocate for the legal rights of consumers in their everyday interactions with businesses or corporations.