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Daniel M. Baczynski

Daniel M. Baczynski is Of Counsel to the Kim Law Firm. Daniel Baczynski is originally from Illinois. He attended the University of Illinois for his undergraduate before obtaining his Juris Doctorate from Loyola University in Chicago. With his wife Hannah he has traveled across the country, doing cases in a wide variety of states including Washington, Illinois, Utah, the Dakotas, and New Jersey. He enjoys seeking justice for the disadvantaged, which has led to a career in both consumer protection and civil rights. While the cases are often difficult, Daniel relishes the opportunity to champion those who have been exploited and fleeced. More than just cases, Daniel appreciates the person behind the harm. Representing the abused has led to many amazing relationships, all of which I continue to cherish even after the case has been resolved. In his free time, Daniel attempts (fruitlessly) to contain the two tornados he calls his children – Lulu and Rupert. He also enjoys snowboarding, bad horror movies, and playing board games with friends.