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Food & Beverage Law

I had a harmful reaction to a food or beverage product that I bought. What should I do?

Every year, thousands of people experience negative reactions to defective or dangerous food and beverage products. These reactions often come from the company’s negligent production of the product – either by adding chemicals or falsely advertising what their product really is. Some examples of Food and Beverage cases we take are:

False Advertising: Some food and beverage companies straight up lie about the ingredients on their label or make claims of being “100%” this or that without that being true. If you bought a food product that has a misleading label, we will fight with you to right that wrong.

Product liability: Any claims that a product is liable for any allergic reactions, foodborne illnesses, or other health claims that you may face after consuming a product. Make sure you do not throw away the food product and the packaging because this is evidence.

Undisclosed Chemicals in the Food Supply: Not all chemicals are required to be disclosed on the label of food products. If you suffered an injury from foods with undisclosed chemicals, we will work with you to file a lawsuit.

In conclusion, if you were wronged by a food or beverage product that you trusted to feed yourself and your family, we will fight for your rights for compensation.